7 amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks you must know

 Hello guys in this article I will share some of the WhatsApp tips and tricks which will help you a lot to use WhatsApp and I am sure that many of you don’t know about these so just read them and make them useful. These are the 5 important things I do and you should try this too. If you read till the end of this article then there is a bonus tip waiting for you there. 1. How to send message to someone without saving their number: You can send message by going to the Brower and entering the following URL on the URL bar Followed by country code and phone number of that person you want to send message. For example: Here 91 is the country code and 9007757072 is the phone number. 2. How to read someone’s WhatsApp message without showing them blue tick: You can do this by simply turning on airplane mode and then reading the message and then remove WhatsApp from recent used apps and then switching off airplane mode. In this way you can read the massa

Amazing multiplayer horror games online that you can play with your friends

 1. Horror Show - Scary Online Survival Game In this multiplayer horror games online also you can choose to play as a maniac or as a survivor. You get to choose that whether you will save your life by playing as a survivor or you will hunt the survivors by playing as a maniac. The story is like you go into an abandoned camp where you find 3 other night explorers, but soon you realize that you have gotten into a wrong place. This is a cussed playground that is full of wicked psychopathic ghosts. GAME FEATURES: - There are 4 survivors (you and 3 others) each one has different stats and skills. - Three maniacs and all having special hunting strategies - play to unlock new heroes. - Logic puzzles: figure out how to escape your nightmare - Different playing style, either play as a maniac or play as a survivor. - Real-time online multiplayer mode 2. Slenderman Hide & Seek: Online Battle Arena This is a very simple game which can be played with 4 other players online. In addition to that

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers

 In YouTube it’s all about number game. We don’t judge a channel based on the quality of content it delivers but we judge on the number of subscribers and views on channel. If you understand this number game you will know that there are so many use of buying YouTube subscribers. But to understand the benefits you will need to understand the importance of YouTube views and subscribers and how subscribers influence your channel. How Subscribers Influence your YouTube Channel Your channel is nothing without your subscribers, if you have many videos on your channel but you don’t have any subscriber than it means that nobody likes your content. It’s a clear sign that your contents need improvements. So you see how important your subscribers are. Here are the following points on how subscribers influence your YouTube channel:- Helps to grow your channel Raise brand awareness It improves your ranking Drive sales/ROI Now you understand how subscribers influence your YouTube channel, now the ne

Among us game in 2021

 Among us is the most played games during the lockdown and the hype was created a few months back it's such an amazing game that you can play with friends. To play among us with your friend you need to download the game on your phone. This game is easily available on the play store you can just search for among girls and then click on the install button to download and install the game. If you’re facing any problem to download the game from the play store then you can download it from Google anyway. Just search for among us APK on Google where do you can download the apk for free. If you wish you can also download the mod APK which is also available on the internet but the mod APK is not available on the play store. With the help of the mod application you can you are not going to get many additional features which you are not going to get in the normal APK. In the modded version of Among us you can buy any dresses or get any pet for absolutely free. With the help of the mod applic

The secret of choosing the Best SEO Company That suite Your Business

 If you are a business owner or run an online business then SEO is a must if you want to bring organic traffic to your business without spending lakhs of amount on ads. Finding the best SEO company in India for your business is like finding a rock in a bag of rice, there are many but still very hard to find. Let's first understand why SEO is necessary for your business only then we can know how to choose the best. Importance of SEO SEO is nothing but a set of guidelines that are needed to be followed to make a website user-friendly and optimized for search engine results. 1. SEO helps to get organic traffic: If SEO is done properly on a website then it will rank higher in search results and then users can come to your site from there. 2. Makes website user-friendly: If the website is not user-friendly then users will leave immediately and go to the next, this is why SEO is important. 3. Build trust: If you see a well-organized website then you are going to trust it rather than an u

2 amazing multiplayer horror games online that you can play with your friends

 There are many horror games for PC and console which gives us an amazing horror experience but all of them can't be played with friends. Playing with friends makes the game more interesting and fun. Here is the list of some of the best multiplayer horror games online for mobile which you can play with your friends. It is better to play horror games with friends then to watch a horror movie online. A movie will keep you scared for some time and won't be that scary if you watch again, but multiplayer horror games online can keep you thrilled all the time. So here is the list of Multiplayer horror games online that are best to play with friends. But there are some basic requirements for this games which you should know before going into the list. Basic Requirements: ⚡ Internet connection: these are online multiplayer games which mean you will need internet connections to play these games. ⚡ Smartphone with android 4.0+ and ⚡At least 2 GB RAM 1. Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival

15 Best multiplayer game for android

 Multiplayer games are the best; we can play with our friends and win together. In this article I will mention the Best multiplayer game for android which you can play with your friends. These games requires internet to play so make sure you have good internet connection. 15 Best multiplayer game for android These games were most popular in the past years some are still played my players. These are list of different genres games so you can go for whichever you like to play the most. List of Best multiplayer online games to play with friends 1. PUBG PUBG is one of the most popular games from 2018 to 2020. I don’t think I need to tell anything more about this game as you already know much about this game. But I will say that you should try other games on this list too and ask you friends to play other multiplayer games too. Genre: Shooter and Cooperative Multiplayer Price: Free to play 2. Mini militia – Doodle Army 2 This is the most played mobile shooting game before PUBG released. Afte