15 Best multiplayer game for android

 Multiplayer games are the best; we can play with our friends and win together.

In this article I will mention the Best multiplayer game for android which you can play with your friends.

These games requires internet to play so make sure you have good internet connection.

15 Best multiplayer game for android

These games were most popular in the past years some are still played my players.

These are list of different genres games so you can go for whichever you like to play the most.

List of Best multiplayer online games to play with friends


PUBG is one of the most popular games from 2018 to 2020. I don’t think I need to tell anything more about this game as you already know much about this game.

But I will say that you should try other games on this list too and ask you friends to play other multiplayer games too.

Genre: Shooter and Cooperative Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

2. Mini militia – Doodle Army 2

This is the most played mobile shooting game before PUBG released. After PUBG released the craze of this game decreased gradually as everyone shifted to PUBG to play multiplayer.

But recently this game is also updated. This is the 2nd version of the most popular mobile game.

But there is a limitation of only 6 players to play with online. But on the flip side the best thing is that you can play on 20 different maps and explore them with your friends online.

Genre: Action, Adventure and Cooperative Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

3. COC:

Clash of Clans, I don’t think I need to say anything about this game to you it already has a huge fan base and I hope you have played this game too once.

But of you didn’t played it recently then I will keep you updated with it.

Town Hall 13 has been introduced and it has Giga Inferno on top of it, a new hero is added goes by the name of Royal Champion, new troop yeti and new defense Scattershot has been added.

Many more things are also changed so go and download this game immediately and see the changes for you with your clan members.

Genre: Strategy

Price: Free to play

4. Ludo:

Ludo is the best time pass game and everyone knows how to play this game.

Because of coronavirus lockdown this game has become more popular and everyone started downloading it.

The rule of this game is simple you just have to download and ask your friends to download and start playing.

And the one who lose have to give you party after lockdown end.

Genre: Board, Offline and Cooperative Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

5. Chess

You can play chess online also with your friends or with any random player. It is a board game and you can play it with computer also.

If you are good at playing chess then challenge your friends to play with you and beat you in the game.

Genre: Board

Price: Free to play

6. Free fire

Free fire is just like PUBG everything is just same. If your phone doesn’t support PUBG then you can play free fire on your mobile.

It is a very interesting game and you will enjoy playing it with your friends.

Genre: Action, Adventure and Cooperative Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

7. Mobile legend

It is an amazing 5 VS 5 multiplayer game. You can play with 4 other friends and make a team of 5 to defeat opponent 5 players.

This is an easy game and you can play with many amazing characters, and every character has unique features.

Play this game and explore amazing characters.

Genre: Action, Strategy, MOBA, Cooperative Multiplayer and Competitive Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

8. Brawl star

This is another addictive game by Supercell who is the developer of COC.

Here also you can play with amazing characters and 3 of your friends can play as a team.

You can play duo also and the rewards are just amazing.

Genre: Action, Hero Shooter

Price: Free to play

9. 8 ball pool

If you love to play pool games than 8 ball pool is the best. You can challenge your friends to play with you.

The rule of this game is very simple just pot your 8 balls and win the game, but its not as easy as it sounds.

It will get tough as you play, with your skills you can play well.

Genre: Sports, billiards and Competitive Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

10. Callbreak multiplayer

Callbreak is an amazing card game; you just need to know the basic card rules and you can play it very well.

If you love playing card games than this is the game you must install and play with your friends.

Genre: Card and Competitive Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

11. Call of duty

Call of duty has become the most downloaded game. Its deathmatch is just amazing.

There are multiple maps to play around and play with your friends to get the victory.

It is very addictive and you will get amazing rewards if you play this game.

It has a battle royal mode just like PUBG and Free Fire in which you can fly helicopter and the best thing is you can revive your dead friend in this game.

Genre: Action and Shooting

Price: Free to play

12. AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is a very amazing game there are many quests, tasks, raids and crafting involved in this game.

This is a total adventure game and the best part is it has complete cross-platform support, which means if you are playing on mobile then your friends can join you from PC too.

And your friends can come to help you whenever you need help. You can chat with them and ask for help they will help you defeat monsters.

This is a great option if you love adventure games you should definitely download it.

Genre: Role Playing, Action, Adventure and Competitive Multiplayer

Price: Free to play

13. NBA Jam

After FIFA this is the best online multiplayer game available for sports lovers. The goal of this game is very simple all you have to do is get the ball and shoot it in the basket.

The team to get the most score wins the game. It features local multiplayer, online multiplayer, Android TV support, controller support, and there are no in-app purchases.

This is a paid app but you will get it for free from here

Genre: Sports and premium

Price: $4.99

14. Minecraft

I don’t know why this game is so popular if you do let me know in the comment section.

But it is still the top paid game; you can play it on all platforms mobile, Xbox One and PC.

You can create world and invite your friends to play with you in your world.

This game has three modes: survival, realms, and creative.

This game is the top paid game and it cost $6.99 also includes in-app purchases for skins of the characters.

Genre: Arcade, simulation and premium

Price: $6.99 in-app purchases

15. Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is for racing lovers Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest game in Gameloft’s popular arcade racing franchise.

The graphics of this game is amazing and you can play race against AI or human players.

Unlock new cars and beat your rivals in the race.

Genre: Racing and multiplayer

Price: Free to play


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