2 amazing multiplayer horror games online that you can play with your friends

 There are many horror games for PC and console which gives us an amazing horror experience but all of them can't be played with friends.

Playing with friends makes the game more interesting and fun. Here is the list of some of the best multiplayer horror games online for mobile which you can play with your friends.

It is better to play horror games with friends then to watch a horror movie online.

A movie will keep you scared for some time and won't be that scary if you watch again, but multiplayer horror games online can keep you thrilled all the time.

So here is the list of Multiplayer horror games online that are best to play with friends.

But there are some basic requirements for this games which you should know before going into the list.

Basic Requirements:

⚡ Internet connection: these are online multiplayer games which mean you will need internet connections to play these games.

⚡ Smartphone with android 4.0+ and

⚡At least 2 GB RAM

1. Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival Horror Game

If you are looking for a multiplayer horror games online to play with your friends then this will be the best.

This is a team based action game in which you can play with other players in real time.

Join the camp of 7 other survivors in which each survivor has different ability like:

BASKETBALL PLAYER: he has speed, so he can run away from the maniac faster.

DOCTOR: Doctor has healing ability because of which he can heal himself and others on the team.

ENGINEER: you will need an Engineer as he can fix generators and crafts items very quickly.

THIEF: Thief can be used to unlock doors and safes quickly because of his dexterity skill.

MERCENARY: is a brave soldier with high morale

SCIENTIST: Scientist is very skill full in upgrading military equipment

POLICE OFFICER: can catch the murderer faster.

The main goal of this game is to repair the generators as quickly as possible, but this won't be easy as there will be maniac on your back hunting to butcher you.

You will have to make strategies and plan your escape by avoiding deadly traps and taking help of secret hiding places.

Explore the asylum, gather materials and resources and craft necessary equipment which will help you to escape the asylum by repairing the generator.

The best part about this game is you can play as a hero and you can play as a psycho as well.

There are 4 different psychos you can choose to play as and each have their own skills and different style of hunting

BUTCHER: Butcher is very powerful and he can destroy the generators and prevent others from escaping.

CULTIST: he is a deadly monster and he can kill the survivors.

GHOST: he has ghost skills; you can go through walls just like real ghosts

BEAST: this is a werewolf who can turn himself into a bloodthirsty wolf.


- In maniac mode you can make your own strategy to hunt your prey (survivors)

- In survivor mode you can play as a team to plan your escape

- Different character has different skills

- Amazing crafting system

- Realistic atmosphere and high graphics locations which gives spooky vibes

- Clans, quests, and leaderboards are coming soon into the game.

Four victims vs. one psycho, this is going to be awesome. Either run from the maniac, or be the maniac it’s your choice.

Can you survive till the end? Prove it that you don’t afraid by playing this best multiplayer horror games online.

2. Granny's house - Multiplayer escapes

There are rumor that a weird older granny kidnap small kids at night and take them to that abandoned unknown scary house, are you afraid?

Dorothy is trapped inside that creepy house by the old granny who kidnaps kids at night.

Can you help those kids escape the granny’s jail?

You can enjoy this amazing escape game by either playing as the creepy granny or as a kid to rescue other kids.

As the granny you goal is to catch all the kids and successfully trap them in the jail.

Whereas if you play as a kid your main goal will be to collect all the keys

And open the gate to escape from that creepy house of granny.

It’s up to you what you choose, but remember, your decision and strategy is the key to winning or losing the game.


- Horrified building, scary sound, creepy granny

- Scary house, chilling sound and old terrifying granny will make your heart beat faster.

- Everything in the creepy house fills you with fear!

- Character is fully customizable as you want

- Online – No need to play alone when you can play with friends

- Communicate with team members to increase your chance of winning

This is another multiplayer horror games online which you can play online with your friends or with others.


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