7 amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks you must know

 Hello guys in this article I will share some of the WhatsApp tips and tricks which will help you a lot to use WhatsApp and I am sure that many of you don’t know about these so just read them and make them useful.

These are the 5 important things I do and you should try this too. If you read till the end of this article then there is a bonus tip waiting for you there.

1. How to send message to someone without saving their number:

You can send message by going to the Brower and entering the following URL on the URL bar https://wpa.me/ Followed by country code and phone number of that person you want to send message.

For example: https://wa.me/919007757072

Here 91 is the country code and 9007757072 is the phone number.

2. How to read someone’s WhatsApp message without showing them blue tick:

You can do this by simply turning on airplane mode and then reading the message and then remove WhatsApp from recent used apps and then switching off airplane mode.

In this way you can read the massage without them knowing.

But when you open your WhatsApp again the message will be marked blue tick on their phone.

3. Star important messages:

Many people don’t even know about this and many know about this and still ignore this.

Well this is very amazing feature yet not much know about this but it is very easy to use just select the message you want to remember and keep it pressed then you will see a star on the top beside the bin.

Just click ok that and your message will be bookmarked.

And to read it afterward go back to the home screen and click on the 3 lines on top right corner and select starred message.

Here you will see the entire message you have starred.

4. How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone:

Many of you know that you can use GBWhatsApp along with normal WhatsApp on your phone if you don’t know than you can read my article here about GBWhatsApp where I have written in depth about GBWhatsApp.

But if you don’t want to use GBWhatsApp then you can use WhatsApp business and run it along with the normal WhatsApp.

WhatsApp business give you amazing features like auto reply and product listing and many more.

5. How to send stylish text in WhatsApp:

Do you know you can send text on different format instead of the default one?

Yes you can send Bold, Italic, strikethrough and monospace just by adding some special characters before and after your text.

To send bold just add * before and after the text for example *hello this line is bold*

To send Italic just add _ before and after the text for example _hello this line is bold_

To send strikethrough just add ~ before and after the text for example ~hello this line is bold~

And to send monospace text just add ‘three times before and after the text for example ’’’hello this line is bold’’’

You can use this to send different kind of text instead of the normal one.

6. lock only single conversation in WhatsApp

Instead of adding lock to the whole WhatsApp you can add lock to only important conversations.

For this you will need GBWhatsApp, because this option is available in GBWhatsApp only.

Download GBWhatsApp latest version -> open the conversation you want to lock -> Click on 3 lines on top right of screen -> Select Lock Conversation -> Choose a pattern or a pin and only that conversation will be locked.

The best thing is you can choose different pattern and different pin for different conversations.

7. Archive and unachieved chats

This is the best way to get rid of old conversations and make your chat screen clean.

I had to scroll a lot to find any conversation then I started to archive conversations and it made easy to know the unread messages and find the important conversations.

To archive a conversation, long press on that conversation (you can select multiple chats) and then click on the down button on top of chat screen.

And the chat will be archived.

To remove chats from archive go to the bottom of the chat screen, there you will find archive.

Click on it to find all the archived chats. Again long press on the chat you want to remove from archive and click on up arrow.

Bonus tip:

We all have a person or a group who send many unnecessary photos and videos which we don’t want to display on the gallery.

I know you are thinking of switching off media auto-download but there is other way to download it and not to show in the gallery along with other photos.

Just open the chat of that person or group and go to its profile scroll down and search for media visibility and select ‘No’ and then any image or video from that chat won't be displayed in the gallery. You can see them on the chat itself and it will be saved in the private folder in your file manager.

Another amazing tip to save space on your phone is to delete the database folder regularly.

The database folder contains backup of all chats. Just make sure you keep the latest database (if you want)

The database folder consumes more than 500 MB of your phone space. By deleting them you are cleaning up a lot of space on your phone.

To do so go to file manager -> WhatsApp -> Database -> select all and delete.

Final Words

These all tips will make your WhatsApp using more fun and may help you a lot. If you have any tip of other readers then please share them in the comment box.

Also comment which tip you liked and helped you.


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