Amazing multiplayer horror games online that you can play with your friends

 1. Horror Show - Scary Online Survival Game

In this multiplayer horror games online also you can choose to play as a maniac or as a survivor.

You get to choose that whether you will save your life by playing as a survivor or you will hunt the survivors by playing as a maniac.

The story is like you go into an abandoned camp where you find 3 other night explorers, but soon you realize that you have gotten into a wrong place.

This is a cussed playground that is full of wicked psychopathic ghosts.


- There are 4 survivors (you and 3 others) each one has different stats and skills.

- Three maniacs and all having special hunting strategies

- play to unlock new heroes.

- Logic puzzles: figure out how to escape your nightmare

- Different playing style, either play as a maniac or play as a survivor.

- Real-time online multiplayer mode

2. Slenderman Hide & Seek: Online Battle Arena

This is a very simple game which can be played with 4 other players online. In addition to that this game is one from TOP 10 scary games of 2020!

One of you has to be the Slender where as other 3 will be normal students.

The main objective of the students is to find and destroy all amulet-dolls of the Slenderman

The Amulet-dolls can be found in the hidden chests, don’t make too much sound opening them otherwise Slenderman will find you.

On the other hand the main objective of the Slenderman is to catch other 3 students before they find and destroy his amulet-dolls.


- 3 vs. 1 multiplayer horror game

- Realistic horror locations like forest, abandoned castle etc.

- Profound horror & cool and scary atmospheric locations

- Scary sounds and an appropriate musical range that will create an atmosphere of horror

Find dolls in the most interesting and unexpected place before slender finds you.

Ability to choose whom you wants to play as: as slender or as helpless students

This is an amazing multiplayer horror games online playable with 4 friends together. Either scare your friends or get scared.

3. Dead by Daylight Mobile

You might have heard of PC version of Dead by Daylight which was launched on 2016.

And on April 2020 with collaboration with NetEase they have made mobile version of this game.

Device Requirements for Dead by Daylight:

- This game is compatible with Android v7.0 and above.

- Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent mobile is required to play this game.

- Uninterrupted network connection.

Dead by Daylight is a 1 vs. 4 multiplayer horror games online in which 1 crazy killer hunt and kill group of 4 friends.

Just like other multiplayer horror games online you get to choose to play as a killer and survivor while each having different skills and tactics.

Dead by Daylight is available for all platforms such as PC, console and now it is also available for free on mobile.


Multiplayer horror game: this game can be played with friends.

You can make a team of 4 friends and defeat the killer and escape the hunt ground.

Playing with friends will make your gaming experience more amazing and you can play with your friends and enjoy together.

Classic but scary gameplay: you get to choose the role you want to play as, either play as a killer who will have to find and kill the survivors.

Or you can play as survivors in that case you will have to make your exit by cooperating with your other 3 friends.

Mainstream Classic Characters: if you love to watch ghost movies then you will love this game because you can play as Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things or as Halloween’s Laurie Strode, SAW®’s David Tapp, and Left for Dead’s Bill Overbeck.

You will face many horrifying ghosts from favorite horror franchises such as the pig from the show SAW® or Stranger things’ Demogorgon.

And if you want some fresh and new characters then you there are many amazing new and original characters from Dead by Daylight which you will love to play and explore.

Advance Progress System: this is not like other games where you get to play on the same map again and again.

You will get to play on randomly generated maps and you will get different perks which is especially designed for that character.

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers its players realistic graphics gameplay experience.

Kill and Survive in Style: you can also customize your character; you can change their clothing items, their outfits and accessories also.

You get to choose how you want your character to look.

Play Anytime Anywhere: this is a fully optimize mobile game which you can play anywhere on your phone.

You will get to experience the same gameplay of multiplayer horror games online you sued to play on PC and Console on your mobile.

Note: A good internet connection is required to play this game.


So this was the list of 5 best Multiplayer horror games online which you can play with your friends anytime anywhere.

This are most played games and I believe you will love playing these games with your friends and along with filling you up with fear these games will also fill you with enjoyment while you play with your friends.

You should definitely try these games and also ask your friends to install these games and play with you


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