Among us game in 2021

 Among us is the most played games during the lockdown and the hype was created a few months back it's such an amazing game that you can play with friends.

To play among us with your friend you need to download the game on your phone.

This game is easily available on the play store you can just search for among girls and then click on the install button to download and install the game.

If you’re facing any problem to download the game from the play store then you can download it from Google anyway.

Just search for among us APK on Google where do you can download the apk for free.

If you wish you can also download the mod APK which is also available on the internet but the mod APK is not available on the play store.

With the help of the mod application you can you are not going to get many additional features which you are not going to get in the normal APK.

In the modded version of Among us you can buy any dresses or get any pet for absolutely free.

With the help of the mod application you can become imposter multiple times.

If you wish to play with your friends then you are going to need discord or any other way to communicate with your friends.

Discord will be much helpful as there are many features in a discord which you are going to need to play the game.

so download discord on your phone and access all your friends to delete download discord on their phone also.

And after downloading ragni 12 make a channel which you can all join and chat together.

You'll also be able to talk with everyone while playing. There is an option Nehru of mute which is very useful while playing.

Because when you are playing the game you can give me out and do your talks a and when you need to discuss a you can talk with other members and discuss further.

Long as a very funny game to play you can either be the imposter or become a crew member. Although this is not on your hand what you want to become because you will become imposter randomly in the game.

there is no way by which you can I become impossible every time you want.

Well the main types of this game is it to complete all the tasks before the imposter kill all. Where is the imposter have the power to sabotage and kill anyone.

The best way to find who is imposter is by observing them when they are you doing any task.

imposter cannot do any taxes so they will most probably fake it so you need to know which the need how much time so you can understand when anyone is taking too long to complete a task se you can assume that he is a suspect.

you might have seen or heard this such a most of the time will be in the game like red is the kind of sus.

Sus a short for a suspect so if you find anyone to be the suspect then you can and say that he is kind of sus so the if anyone know anything about them then they can say it.

And other can say whether they know anything about them and if you all think he is kind of a suspect then you can vote him out.

Don't vote if you know nothing because if you walk out the wrong person then a you will be less by one crew member and won't be able to to complete all your task on time and everyone will be got a killed by the imposter.

You can take the help of the cameras in the security room and take the position of everyone you will get to know that if someone is using went for someone is killing on the camera.

it is better to stick with someone day which you know is not the imposter like a if you do the Midwest and for the garbage task then you will know he is not an imposter and if you stay with him there is a very less chance you are going to be get a killed by the imposter.

there are few task like the medbay task, the garbage cleaning task and shooting task when you see anyone doing it a you can get to know that they are not the imposter and you can stop suspecting them.

And try to stay with them because if you stay with somebody then the imposter won't be able to kill you and you can survive long enough to find out who the imposter is and finally win the game.

So download the game today and start playing with your friends.

you can never play this game on a PC to there is a PC version also available on this game but you can't play with mobile players at the time they are trying very hard to release another version of among us so if they release that version name there are going to be much better features than this game is.

When you are an imposter what are the electrical room and a turn off the lights and then kill someone this where no one will be able to know who killed in the dark.

Are you can make when everyone is doing task in the comes when you sabotage it and everyone is gathered around to fix it.


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