What are the options for students post completing their graduation in Australia?

 After a student is graduated from college in Australia there are limitless options available for them.

But they have to select between two main options that are whether to study further or apply for jobs.

Being recently graduated I would love to take a week break and travel to new places in Australia. It will help me to think straight and help me think better giving a fresh perspective.

As per the visa allows students can stay no longer than 18 months after completing their graduation. This seems like a long time but staying in such an amazing place time will fly by without notice.

This is why students have limited time to decide what they are going to do further.

The best option if you can't decide what to do next will be to study further just like any other graduate and complete your master’s degree.

For that, you will have to expand the validity of your visa as soon as possible.

But even before considering this option, you must evaluate the cost of studying further and also the cost of living in Australia.

If your budget allows then it will be best to extend the expiry of your visa and start looking for work.

Why Australia is the best option for studies

The reason everyone go to Australia for their future studies is because the quality of education there is excellent.

Growing destination

If you rank best international destinations as per international studies then Australia is third on the list for English speaking world.

Australia is the best place for study because of their friendly behavior, amazing environment, and bets level of education.

They give importance to education this is the reason students form all over the world come to Australia to complete their further studies.

Global Recognition

Everyone knows the value of education form Australian college. So those who graduate form there are highly demanded.

Their education is closely monitored and regulated by the government so as to maintain the standard of education they are providing there.

Cost of Living

If you compare the cost of living in Australia to US or UK then you will find that the expenses of living and tuition cost in Australia are considerable lower than that of any other country.

Students are also encouraged to do part time job to gain some experience and earn some money sideway.

They also have scholarship opportunity so the students who are really interested and need some financial help can avail it.

With the help of the scholarship money they can pay of their tuition fees and school fees on time.

Diversity of Education

Diversity of education is what attracts most of the students. There are wide choices of sources available to choose form.

There will be no problem selecting course according to your interest. You can choose the course and degree you want to apply in as per your interest and need of the future.

There are many universities, vocational training institutes, and English language training center.

It is also possible that you can move between one qualification levels

And from one institution to another.

Why you must extend your stay in Australia?

There are higher chances that you will get a placement or internship opportunities from your college but if you don’t you can find work yourself and develop your skills.

As I already mentioned you will get only 18 months after completing your graduation so make this time useful and do something good.

By extending your stay in Australia you will also get the opportunity to explore all the places in Australia and know more about that place.

But the best option will be to start working soon after graduation.

Why should you start looking for work post completing your graduation?

A Post-graduation degree is not as hard as graduation. So you will have enough time to do some part-time work in your free time.

Apart from that, you will gain some experience working at someplace. So by working you will have the power to manage your expenses on your own.

By working as a part-time you can get hired at some multinational company and earn handsome money.

But if you don’t want to study further and not getting work at a good place then you can return back home. But this should be the last and final option after considering all other options.

With the help of foreign graduation degree, you will be able to secure a higher position and land good jobs for you.

Return home or become a permanent resident

There is very little chance that you are going to love your home country after spending more than 3 years in Australia.

Apart from that, the work and living environment you will get will be much better than your home country.

So it is better that you apply for permanent residents and continue to work there.

But for applying for PR you need to pass the points test successfully. Don’t worry if you were unable to complete it. You can still be able to study further.

Final Verdict

Don’t follow others, make your own decisions. You are not a teenager anymore now you will have to take your career decision by yourself.

So it’s better you decide for yourself what is be good for your career and your future.

Consider all the options carefully and consult with your teachers and guardians regarding this to get fresh opinions on this matter and then take the final decision.

Don’t rush to take dictions as you will get enough time after graduation to decide what you want to do next.

All I will say is don’t take any wrong decision for which you will regret later.


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